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The Pemberly Room

Inspired by the books of Jane Austen, this classic blue toile decor using our own special touches will ensure a wonderful nights sleep in lush comfort, offering a place to just sit and relax, or write a quick note. You will feel pampered in this beautiful and exquisitely designed room.

The Avonlea Room

As the name implies, this room offers a country design that is inspired by Lucy Montgomery's books "Anne of Avonlea" and "Anne of Green Gables". The country red and yellow floral used on a plaid comforter and matching drapes, compliments the black distressed furniture which includes a four poster bed for your comfort.

The Plumfield Room

With a more masculine swing, this room offers a decor fit for those outdoorsy individuals. This room was named for Louisa May Alcott's books of "Little Men" among her many others. This room offers two twin beds. The fishing and hunting decor will inspire even the mildest of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Kensington Room

Created to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. This room is inspired by James Barrie's novels of Peter Pan. Since Kensington Park is where Peter first met his fairy friends in a beautiful setting of gardens, this room reflects the original novel's pictures and map with a cozy bed for the adults and a built-in bunk bed for the children to enjoy.

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